Download CodeGen.

Where to get it from.

CodeGen is published as an open source project on GitHub, under the terms of the New BSD License (BSD).

CodeGen is supported on multiple operating system platforms, but at the current time an automated installation is only available for Windows systems. CodeGen requires that the latest version of Synergy/DE is be installed and licensed.

Binary Download

The binary download includes a pre-built version of CodeGen delivered via a Windows Installer MSI package. This distribution is built with the latest version of Synergy .NET.

Download CodeGen Binary Distributions (GitHub)

Source Code Download

If you prefer you can download the source code for CodeGen and build it yourself. The source code download includes a Synergy .NET Visual Studio solution that allows you to build a Synergy .NET release.

Download Latest CodeGen Source Code (GitHub)

NOTE: CodeGen typiclally makes use of the "latest and greatest" features available in Synergy/DE and generally requires a very recent version of Synergy/DE.