This file header token allows you to specify that a particular command line option is required in order to be able to successfully generate code from the template.

File header tokens must be grouped together at the top of the template file.



Supported Options


 Command Line Option



 -f l

 Include fields which are "Excluded by Language" in field loop processing.


 -f o

 Include overlay fields in field loop processing.


 -f r

 Exclude fields which are "Excluded by ReportWriter" from field loop processing.


 -f t

 Exclude fields which are "Excluded by Tookit" from field loop processing.


 -f w

 Exclude fields which are "Excluded by Web" from field loop processing.


 -prefix <value>

 Prefix field names with <value>.


 -subset <name>

 Only process fields belonging to the named subset.




Allow template-defined folders.

If the required command line option was not used when attempting to generate code from the template then CodeGen will display an error and will stop processing the template.

Alternate forms


See also

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