Field Selection Loop Expansion Tokens


Field selection loop expansion tokens are used to insert information about the current field selection value being processed within the context of a field selection loop into the output stream. Field selection loop tokens can only be used inside a field selection loop.


Field Selection Loop Token



Inserts the number of selections associated with the field.



Inserts the one-based index of the current selection within the selections collection.



Inserts the text associated with the current selection.


Inserts the value associated with the current selection. For numeric fields the numeric value is calculated according to the fields enumeration properties (base value and step value).  If the field does not have enumeration properties specified then the default base value is 1 and the default step value is 1. For alpha fields the value text is deduced from the left portion of the display text, based on the size of the field.  For example, if an A2 field has a selection item of "Credit Card", the selection value is "Cr".



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