Parameter Loop Extensions


Harmony Core Parameter Loop Extensions


Expansion Tokens




For structure parameters, this token inserts the name of the associated Harmony Core data object. Unlike other tokens that produce similar results, such as <ParameterStructureNoplural>, this token is immune from  the effects of the PARAMDEFSTR tweak.




Similar to the parameter loop token <PARAMETER_DEFINITION> in that it inserts the parameter data type definition of the current parameter, but with one key difference. If an implied decimal field has the same size and precision (e.g. D8.8) then this token increments the size of the field by one byte (e.g. inserting D9.8.





Inserts the .NET data type to be used when passing data to a method parameter via Harmony Core Traditional Bridge. The logic used when determining the .NET type to use follows the guidelines defined in the Synergy Method Catalog for the parameter, including any coercion rules that may be defined. In addition any optional parameters that result in value types will be converted to a nullable type.


Alternate forms: <harmonycore_bridge_parameter_type>, <Harmonycore_Bridge_Parameter_Type>, <Harmonycore_bridge_parameter_type>, <HarmonycoreBridgeParameterType>, <harmonycoreBridgeParameterType>




Inserts sample data for the parameter.







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