This special token switches context to a different structure, and can only be used when processing multiple structures concurrently. The n character represents the one-based index number of the structure to switch to, and must be a number between 1 and the number of structures being processed.

CodeGen can process multiple structures concurrently in one of two ways:

Multiple structures can be specified on the command line, after the -s command line option, and the -ms command line option can be used to specify that all of the structures are to be processed together.

The -file command line option can be used to use a repository file definition as the starting point for code generation, and that file definition can have multiple structures assigned.

This token does not cause any data to be written to the output stream.

For an example of processing multiple structures in a single template file, refer to the example template named xf_net_get_master_detail.tpl.



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