Repository Override Files



As its name suggests, a repository override file is an optional JSON file that can be used to override certain information in the repository being used. In the future we intend to extend the capabilities of this feature so that anything in the repository can be overridden, but for now the override file can only be used for a single specific purpose, which is to exclude one or more keys from being processed in Key Loops.


A repository override file must have the following format:



  "Structures": [


      "Name": "STRUCTURE1",

      "ExcludeKeys": [ "S1KEY1", "S1KEY2" ]



      "Name": "STRUCTURE2",

      "ExcludeKeys": [ "S2KEY1", "S2KEY2" ]





As you can see the file contains an array of one or more structures, each of which can contain a string array containing a list of the names of one or more keys to be excluded from processing.


To specify a repository override file use the command line option -rpsoverride. When specifying the name of the repository override file you can pass either an absolute or relative (recommended) path to the file, or if you specify only a file name then it is assumed that the file is located in the templates folder.




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