Selection Windows


If a particular field in a repository structure has selection items associated with it, those selection items can be specified in one of two ways.

1.The items can be defined in a selection "List" directly within the repository field (or template) definition.

2.The items can be defined in a UI Toolkit selection "Window", which is defined externally in a window script file and referenced by name in the repository field (or template) definition.

When using the first of these two mechanisms the selection list data is available to CodeGen and can be used to generate code using a selection loop within a field loop.

However, when a repository field refers to an external selection window, the information about the fields selections is not automatically available to CodeGen. But you can make the information available by naming the window script file containing the referenced selection windows via the -ws command line option.

When using the -ws option bear in mind that it may be the case that several fields in the repository structure may reference different selection windows, and those selection windows may be defined in different window script files. This problem can be compounded if multiple repository structures are being processed at the same time.

The -ws option only allows you to name a single window script file, so if you find that you concurrently need to access selection windows that are defined in multiple window script files then we suggest that you temporarily concatenate all of your window script files into a single file and then name that file with the -ws option.

IMPORTANT: If you do concatenate multiple window scripts into a single file, remember that it may then be possible to have duplicate selection windows present in that file! In this situation CodeGen will use the first selection window that it encounters. It is strongly recommended not to have multiple selection windows with the same name!




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